2 comments on “The Phil Naessens Show: The Houston Rockets Diss Jeremy Lin

  1. Oh Phil, I just listened to your unenlightened segment on the “Redskins” name controversy. As a white man that lives in the four corners region, I can assure you that Native Americans are offended by the name. There is no difference in the use of that term as there is with the use of the “N” word. I think we can all agree that the “Washington Niggers” would be vastly inappropriate. Besides, it is up to the population that is offended, to determine what offends them, not us male white guys. You either respect that or shit on it, and you just took a big stinker. so disappointed.

  2. Lin was gone the day he signed that 3 year deal… the idea was to bring Lin in and sell some tickets while the Rockets tanked for this Free agent year… unfortunately for Lin Harden was signed and Lin deferred

    bottom line Lin has put up good numbers the games he was allowed to dominate the ball

    as a shooting guard Lin is Mediocre as a Point Guard, allowed to do PnRs he will do fine

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