2 comments on “The Baseball Page Podcast: New York Mets Baseball with Mark Berman

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  2. As much as it pains me to say this, Game 6 of 1986 World Series is the first game that I truly rebemmer in its entirety (10 years-old at time). I was totally stunned, shocked, overjoyed to see a conclusion to a game in that manner. Unfortunately, Buckner took the blame for the series mishap but the relief corps of Calvin Schrialdi and Bob Stanley were the true goats. Stanley even passed the blame in the post-game talking about the Buckner play. Meanwhile, the wild pitch/passed ball off Rich Gedman’s glove took Mookie Wilson off the hook. I would like to see a computer generated image of Wilson running down the 1st base line racing against Buckner had the play been gloved cleanly.Buckner=Bartman (scape goats)

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